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Duetto GameChanger Empowers Hotels, Casinos With Personalized Loyalty Pricing

San Francisco, August 29, 2016 — Most major hotel brands have invested heavily in their loyalty programs to grow their revenues and fight off online travel agencies, but if their perks and static discounts are similar to those of every other brand, how do they create true loyalty?

Duetto, the market leader in hotel profit optimization technology, has developed an answer: Personalized Loyalty Pricing, a breakthrough feature available with the Strategy and Casino editions of its revenue management application, GameChanger. GameChanger is now in use in more than 1,000 hotels and casinos in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Marco Benvenuti, Co-founder and Chief Product & Analytics Officer for Duetto, said the development of Personalized Loyalty Pricing culminates the long pursuit of a hotel loyalty strategy that generates dynamic rewards — not “one size fits all” discounts off a fixed Best Available Rate — to recognize customers based on their individual spending behavior and reduce acquisition costs.

“Ever since I led revenue management for some major integrated resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, I knew a better way to create a loyalty strategy with customer data and predictive analytics was possible for the hotel industry,” Benvenuti said. “Now within our Revenue Strategy solution, which integrates with your hotel’s booking engine and CRM system, hotels can use the data available to value their loyalty members holistically, based on how much they contribute to the bottom line.

“The highest-value guests, those who tend to spend more with your property, get the instant gratification of the best room rates every time they book directly with your hotel.”

Accessible via its GameChanger solution, Duetto’s system of Personalized Loyalty Pricing for hotels adapts the casino reinvestment model to other hospitality properties. Whether a hotel emphasizes guests’ on-property spending or their frequency or most recent stay, it can use that data to inform how and how much it wants to recognize customers through its loyalty program.

Users of the GameChanger app can create an unlimited amount of segments among their loyalty club members and flex the amount of each customer’s value they reinvest as a percentage off the rate they quote for each booking. The system keeps customer worth data updated and accessible anytime, anywhere via the booking engine, keeping the property’s operations, sales and revenue management departments aligned.

“Direct bookings are more important than ever, because OTAs and other distribution channels keep putting pressure on acquisition costs,” Benvenuti said. “Personalized Loyalty Pricing helps hotels keep more control of how they fill their rooms with their highest-value guests. A tailored pricing strategy ensures both your customers’ loyalty and your profitability.”

Duetto will provide a deeper overview on the future of loyalty with a live demonstration of Personalized Loyalty Pricing during a free webinar September 1. To register for that event, click here.

About Duetto

Duetto delivers the most powerful revenue strategy solutions to the world’s leading hotels and casinos, allowing them to better manage pricing, revenue and business-mix decisions with superior, actionable data.

The unique combination of hospitality experience and technology leadership enables Duetto to provide new insights on pricing and demand as a true cloud-based software-as-a-service. With solutions that address the challenges of today’s distribution landscape, Duetto’s applications are a GameChanger — optimizing profit and guest loyalty.

Thanks to rapid marketplace adoption, Duetto is expanding in key markets throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. More than 1,000 hotels and casinos in more than 50 countries have partnered to use Duetto’s Revenue Strategy solutions.

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