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Unicorn Of The Month: Cornelio Encarnacion

Cornelio Encarnacion is our Unicorn of the Month for March. Cornelio joined Duetto three years ago as a Senior Customer Success Manager. He’s worked in hospitality for as long as he can remember, from working in the front office to becoming a Director of Revenue Strategy, with sales and reservations in between. He’s spent time working at Hilton, Sheraton, Magna Hospitality Group, and RevROC.

Cornelio was awarded Unicorn of the Month for being instrumental in helping to advance relationships with prospects by displaying his extensive and solid knowledge of Duetto’s technologies, revenue management, and the marketplace

Announcing Cornelio as the Unicorn of the Month at our March Town Hall, Duetto’s CEO, David Woolenberg applauded Corn’s skills when conducting demos and sharing Duetto’s messaging: “He is a huge asset to our team and completely deserves this award. His dedication to our company should be celebrated.”

Speaking about his award, Cornelio said: “To be named Unicorn of the Month feels amazing. There are so many talented individuals at Duetto that deserve to be Unicorn of the year! I feel honored that the team feels and thinks so highly of me. I could not do what I do without them.”

Here we catch up with Cornelio to find out what attracted him to Duetto, what his average day looks like and what advice he’d give someone starting in hotel tech. 

When did you join Duetto?

I joined Duetto because I wanted to learn more about technology in the hospitality industry. Before joining, I heard so many great things about Duetto, everyone was/is speaking about it and I was intrigued and curious. As the overall hospitality industry technology continues evolving, I wanted to be part of a company that not only offers an amazing product but also that has hospitality in its DNA!

Can you remember what it was that attracted you to Duetto?

I vividly remember speaking with some Duetto team members and they were full of positive energy, happy, and excited about sharing their great experiences in the company. That for sure excited me! Also, an ex-colleague of mine told me: “Corn, the world is your oyster. Why don’t you come and work with us at Duetto?”

Tell us what your job entails.

I am a Senior Customer Success Manager and our main goal is to ensure our customers are successful using our products and services. We help our clients to implement their strategy and bring it to life in Duetto! We are the first in line advisors for best practices and how to take revenue strategy to the next level and automate repetitive daily tasks.

What is your average day like?

My average day starts with taking care of myself; I usually do some “sort” of meditation early in the day, reflect on how my energy impacts others and how I can be and work on not only being the best version of myself, but how this impacts others. I am super organized and prefer to schedule calls, meetings, and projects in advance as much as possible. Working with my customers is my top priority, therefore I either communicate via email or chat with them on the phone to ensure their needs are met.

What do you most love about your job?

What I love and am excited about the most is the relationship we build with our customers. It’s like we become one big family where ideas are exchanged and we learn from one another. Also, the team! Everyone in Duetto has so much knowledge and how we collaborate is out of this world.

The best day you’ve ever had working at Duetto?

Super hard question; so many best days! I’d have to say, however, the day that I joined. Never in my work history have I felt so welcomed and loved. Everyone, absolutely everyone, made me feel as if I was in the company for 20 years. This still holds true today. Every day in Duetto is a new experience as you learn so much and meet so many talented individuals.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking at a career in hotel tech right now?

Do not be afraid to take that step. This is where the industry has been going and will continue going. Get curious, expand your horizons and knowledge, and come and collaborate with the leading revenue management system - Duetto!

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