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Unicorn Of The Month: Christin Miller

Christin Miller is our Unicorn of the Month for December 2021. Christin joined the team two years ago as a Salesforce Administrator. 

Awarding Christin, David Woolenberg, CEO of Duetto, said: “Christin is an amazing listener and she really wants to understand what your real need is. She is always willing to help, even though she is super busy and she always takes pride in her work. No task is too small or insignificant. Everything she does is done to exceed expectations.”

Before joining the Duetto family, Christin spent more than 15 years in a sales operations capacity, then layered on SFDC administration. 

Here, we catch up with Christin to learn more about her role at Duetto and find out what has been her biggest achievement within the job so far. 

What attracted you to Duetto?

Duetto had a roadmap of interesting projects; that was the first draw. Speaking with leadership during the interview process then made the decision to join the company easy. And with my background, operations experience lends itself well to marrying business processes with technology. 

Tell us about your role; what does your average day look like? 

Every day is different! Each team within the organization uses Salesforce, so I get to work closely with them to understand their business initiatives, then partner with them to operationalize those initiatives within the software.

Did Duetto live up to your expectations? If so, tell us how?

Duetto exceeded my expectations! As a software administrator, you rely on the business to be your partner in bringing new functionality to the users. Never have I worked with a team that is as invested in seeing projects be successful. They get down in the details with you to be knowledgeable of the solution so that they can also be stewards in working with the end users. That speaks volumes about their commitment to their team's goals and the organization overall.

What's been your biggest achievement so far with the job?

Achievement builds on itself in small increments; like adding new tools to your toolbox via daily learnings. But if I had to distill it down to one, it would be launching our customer-facing portal (it took the village!). It provides a one-stop-shop for customers to browse our product knowledge base, submit product feature requests, access online tutorials, as well as log support requests.

What do you hope the future holds for you? 

I’d like to say I have a five-year plan, but that would simply be untrue. I honestly don’t know. The ultimate goal is to always be learning! Tucking away little tidbits along the way, you often find yourself qualified for the next challenge.

If you could describe working at Duetto with three words, what would they be? 

Walk the talk. They do it! Sorry, that was six. ;)

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