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How Duetto Is Helping Mangia’s Move Towards More Profitable Channels

Mangia’s is an Italian hotel group with a stunning collection of luxury resorts and clubs in Sicily and Sardinia. Recently the group has been working to move away from traditional tour operator agreements, and towards more profitable channels, such as book direct. Since signing with Duetto in December 2022, our solutions have helped them make significant progress on that journey. 

“Duetto is helping us shift from traditional tour operator agreements to more profitable channels by giving us the flexibility to break free from rigid BAR rate structures,” said Daniele Davì, IT Senior Manager, Mangia’s. “Dynamic pricing enables us to be more agile and competitive, allowing us to optimize revenue management and explore new revenue streams.”

Why Duetto? 

There were several reasons as to why Mangia’s chose Duetto as its RMS, Davì explained. “The algorithm Duetto employs to calculate prices and forecast future trends is not predominantly reliant on historical data, but mainly focuses on business on the books,” he said. “The lessons of 2020 have underscored the importance of not over-relying on historical data for decision-making. Being a cloud-native system, Duetto can get the most out of cloud architecture. It uses dynamic pricing rather than BAR prices, giving us the opportunity to fine-tune prices with a greater granularity.”

Davì also counts the availability of integrations with many PMS’ as a key reason they joined forces with Duetto, as well as the ‘availability and the kindness of the Duetto team members’.

Before onboarding with Duetto, Mangia’s revenue setup was largely manual, with staff using Excel for most tasks. “We were using an RMS that was not fitting our needs as a hotel chain,” Davì admitted. 

And the effects of Mangia’s partnership with Duetto are already being felt. 

“We are still evaluating the advantages of using Duetto, but I can already highlight that Open Pricing is one of the most transformative features,” Davì says. “We are also particularly enjoying GameChanger’s algorithm based on future data, and the multi-property functionality,” he added.

Updating Mangia’s Tech Stack

As well as onboarding with Duetto, Mangia’s has also made several other changes to its tech stack. “Last year was quite challenging for us. We made significant changes, including a PMS, POS system, ERP, domain, mail client, and payment gateway, and we chose all cloud-based solutions. In 2023, the software landscape at our hotels was entirely different to that of 2022,” Davì says. 

“We decided to make these changes now because we saw the need for more data-driven and efficient revenue management, and we wanted to stay competitive in a changing market.”

It was important to Mangia’s to ensure that its staff were on board with the changes being made to the tech stack and that they were ready to accept them. “Our success is based on two critical factors: inclusion and training,” Davì said. “We made a concerted effort to involve users as much as possible in the change and decision-making process, dedicating extensive time to training our associates who have now become champions of each new software platform. These individuals are now responsible for training or supporting each user team on the new software platform.”

When it comes to modernizing and updating a hotel’s tech, Davì said that being an owner/operator can make it both easier and more challenging. “It's easier because decisions can be made more quickly, but it can be more challenging if you have limited resources or expertise,” he explained. 

Concluding with a little advice to other hoteliers considering updating their technology, Davì said:  “They need to carefully assess their needs, involve the team in the decision-making process, and prioritize solutions that provide data-driven insights and automation.”

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Claire Middleton, Contributing Editor

Claire is a Contributing Editor with Duetto. An experienced editor and copywriter, with more than a decade of experience working for various publishing houses, private companies and agencies, she is now a full-time freelance writer, providing regular editorials on the hotel industry for Duetto.

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