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Better Together: How An Integrated Tech Stack Makes Your Hotel Business More Competitive

When it comes to maximizing a hotel’s success and making the most of your data, an integrated tech stack is essential. Working with fully integrated technological tools such as a PMS, an RMS, a CRS, and more, enables hoteliers to share information and carry out all the tasks a hotel business needs to run smoothly, helping to streamline operations and maximize revenue. 

Frank Pitsikalis, SVP, Product Strategy, Agilysys, outlines how this can work: “The PMS solution should seamlessly connect and share data - preferably, in a real-time manner. Inventory-related data needs to flow into all distribution channels, including direct booking platforms and call centers as well as the Global Distribution System (GDS) and OTAs. The Central Reservations System (CRS) needs to publish optimal pricing decisions and channel recommendations based on input from the revenue management system, which, in turn, should capture up-to-the-moment information from the PMS,” he said. 

Pitsikalis adds: “Ensuring the revenue management solution interfaces with both the PMS and CRS is imperative if a hotel is to effectively position itself vis-à-vis other hotels in the same competitive set. Also important is the ability to customize the direct booking engine within the CRS, and to automate channel-specific offers via the call center and other channels. Data integration ensures that room rates and inventory availability are updated quickly and accurately across all booking channels. Otherwise, prices presented on some channels may be lower than desired. Similarly, guest rooms shown as available may be unavailable, causing overbooking and harming brand reputation.”

The average hotel today uses 20 different software applications, and there are thousands to choose from, which means changing or upgrading technology can be daunting. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but building an integrated tech stack that saves time and drives revenue is key to running a successful business today. 

Let’s take a look at how some of Duetto’s partners fit together to optimize both hotel operations and profitability:

Agilysys Focuses on High-Return Hospitality

Agilysys exclusively delivers state-of-the-art software solutions and services that help organizations achieve High Return Hospitality™ by maximizing Return on Experience (ROE) through interactions that make ‘personal’ profitable. Customers around the world use Agilysys Property Management Systems (PMS), Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions, and Inventory and Procurement (I&P) systems. 

The Agilysys hospitality customer base includes branded and independent hotels; multi-amenity resorts; casinos; property, hotel and resort management companies; cruise lines; corporate dining providers; higher education campus dining providers; food service management companies; hospitals; lifestyle communities; senior living facilities; stadiums; and theme parks.

Amadeus Helps Hotels Drive Demand

The insights from Amadeus’ Business Intelligence (Agency360+®, Demand360+®, and RevenueStrategy360™) and Sales & Catering (such as Delphi) solutions provide data to the RMS to help the hotel optimize revenue management strategies. These results are then used across the business to help optimize strategies to increase business across the hotel’s booking platforms.

“As a hotel’s business evolves and becomes more complex, having an integrated tech stack – which includes an RMS, Rate Shopper, and other tools – is critical, as it streamlines data sharing and effective decision-making,” says Katie Moro, Vice President, Data Partnerships, Hospitality, Amadeus. 

“An integrated tech stack is especially important as it provides key stakeholders with broader access to insights regarding business performance and enables a hotel to take action faster. Integration and automation minimize manual tasks and reduce the risk of errors in revenue management and distribution strategies.” 

Mews - A Connected Hospitality Solution

Mews is not just a Property Management System (PMS), it’s a connected hospitality cloud with products across the hotel system and over 850 integrations, including Duetto. Powering 5,000 properties across more than 80 countries, Mews works closely with the most innovative hospitality brands in the world.

“From having access to more accurate data, where multiple systems feed into the same automated feeds, to driving slicker processes, and ultimately, improving the guest experience, it’s important for hoteliers to consider what software can enhance their offering,” says Sara Smith, VP Strategic Partnerships at Mews. 

“Building a tech stack shouldn’t be a one-off decision. It’s about finding the right integrations to support your needs, and constantly iterating to ensure your property is always evolving efficiently and improving the guest experience,” Smith says. 

Oaky Brings Upselling To The Tech Stack Table

With advancements in both customer-facing and back-of-house technology, personalized upselling has become a win-win scenario. Hotel upsell software Oaky is designed to help hoteliers upsell and increase ancillary revenue by letting their guests purchase room upgrades, add-ons, and special services in an easy and automated way. 

“Integrating hotel upsell software into your tech stack offers numerous benefits. It will not only boost your revenue but take your guest experience to new heights, ultimately giving your hotel a competitive edge,” says Clément Dénarié, Chief Revenue Officer, Oaky. 

He adds: “Recognizing the various areas in your hotel operations that call for optimization is the first step to choosing the right software solutions for your business. This approach will undoubtedly help you fine-tune specific processes, boost your productivity, and reduce manual work. However, to fully harness the potential of hotel automation, it's key to identify solutions that can seamlessly integrate.”

RateGain Helps Revenue Teams Solve The Problem of Data Inference

RateGain's rate intelligence solution helps hotels make faster and more informed pricing decisions and helps to solve one of the biggest problems faced by revenue teams - data inference and its usability. Its end-to-end solution combines the power of four data points – demand forecast, competitive rate, rate parity, and reviews & ranks to bring forth actionable insights. 

“An integrated tech stack in hotels not only enhances operational efficiency and guest experiences but also facilitates data-driven decision-making, optimized revenue management, and effective marketing strategies,” says Mudasser Tariq, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business. 

“From a cost management perspective, it minimizes IT expenses by reducing the need for multiple standalone systems and optimizes resource utilization through automation and streamlined operations. This holistic approach, which intertwines operational excellence, enriched guest experiences, strategic decision-making, and prudent cost management, enables hotels to navigate the dynamic hospitality landscape effectively and remain competitive in the market.”

Sabre Powers Commerce & Distribution

Sabre Hospitality delivers a global hospitality commerce and distribution platform via its Studios format to provide hoteliers with tools designed for a specific purpose – to configure distribution, retailing, operations, and more​.

There are six Sabre Studios in total, including: 

  • Retail Studio: Enables hotels to accelerate revenue with SynXis Retail Studio, Techsembly, and Gift Cards
  • Distribution Studio: Puts hotels in more channels with Channel Connect, GDS Distribution, SynXis Voice Agent solutions; drives direct bookings with SynXis Booking Engine 
  • Acquisition Studio: Increases brand exposure and conversions by amplifying your online presence with GDS Media, Consortia, and Sabre’s Digital Marketing services 


The cloud-hosted Sabre Hospitality Studios have over 600 connections and its portfolio of APIs enables hotels to easily connect to and from its platform. 

SiteMinder Saves Hoteliers Time and Effort

SiteMinder’s channel manager automatically updates rates and availability for hotels in real time across every sales channel they are connected to. With two-way integration to the hotel’s PMS, the channel manager ensures inventory is always accurate and up-to-date, preventing double bookings from occurring.

SiteMinder offers hoteliers a flexible and agile way to manage their sales strategy. Where creating and sending a new rate plan to market may have taken hours, it now takes minutes.

Talking about the importance of an integrated tech stack, James Bishop, VP, Ecosystem and Strategic Partnerships, SiteMinder says: “Staff shortages, the ever-changing motivations of guests, and the constant need to sell expiring inventory are placing pressure on hoteliers to do more with less.”

The Power of an Integrated Tech Stack

An integrated tech stack helps hoteliers make the guest experience as good as it can be, improving guest satisfaction, which in turn maximizes the hotel’s revenue. As Clément Dénarié, Chief Revenue Officer, Oaky concludes: “Having the right tools seamlessly integrated in your arsenal will make your life as a hotelier much easier, leaving you more time to focus on what matters to you and your business.”

Discover more about Duetto’s best-in-class integrations and partnerships here:

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