Being at Duetto Means Being Surrounded by Drive, Talent and Knowledge!

August 13, 2020 | Claire Middleton, Contributing Editor

Isabel Eisenach is a Solutions Engineer in our EMEA sales team and is one of our in-house revenue experts. She joined Duetto in June 2019, bringing with her seven years of revenue management experience, including time spent as a Revenue and Distribution Manager for a variety of different properties.

We recently caught up with her to find out more about her role and how she has settled into her position here at Duetto. 

isabel-close-crop-500Q: What does your job entail?

A: The primary goal of my job is to support the Sales Directors in the technical aspects of the sales process. That includes planning and helping with knowledge around product features, on implementation processes, giving platform demos to clients and prospects, and really helping to facilitate a smooth transition to the onboarding of new customers. All my team come from the revenue management space and have experience in on-property, cluster and consulting revenue management roles.

Q: What was your experience prior to joining Duetto? 

A: I started my hospitality career at a Swiss Hotel school called Les Roches and then I began mostly with operational experience in two properties - The Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur and the Landmark in London.

I actually started a Revenue Management Analyst role after University in New York City, where I worked for a property management company that also had a hotel management section. That was around seven years ago, and that was where I first got my toes wet with revenue management. I then returned back home to Germany where I actually worked as a Cluster Revenue Manager for a current Duetto customer, before moving into more of a consulting role where I worked as an outsourced Revenue and Distribution Manager for a range of different hotels, small chains and boutique properties. Then I did a kind of parallel switch into the more technical side of things. During this role, I was able to gain really useful insights into how tech and especially cloud software as service (SaaS) products in hospitality are structured and how they work and function. This helped me a lot in my move to Duetto. 

Q: Talking about your move to Duetto, how did that come about? 

A: Obviously I was already familiar with Duetto. But when the job was posted, a close colleague of mine suggested I take a look as it was something he felt I could do well. So, I looked at the job description and it was the first time I ever felt I was looking at my exact job put down in writing!  I’d never seen a job description that so perfectly outlined what I actually do, so that sparked me to apply and now here I am!

Q: And what would you say is the thing you love most about your role?

A: I think the things I love most are the people - the Duetto team and the customers and prospects we engage with. They're so different and so varied and everyone has that common goal of really creating success and being successful together. There's a lot of drive, a lot of talent and a lot of knowledge and I really, really enjoy every day of being surrounded by people that just want to get things done and do things well.

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