Transitioning from Excel to a Revenue Management System

Are you relying on spreadsheets to make critical forecasting and pricing decisions? Are you spending hours upon hours each week pulling reports and aggregating data? Technology innovations are paving the way for more educated decisions that will affect both operational efficiency and profitability at your hotel. It may seem daunting, but ditching Excel for a more comprehensive and user-friendly revenue management system will allow you to quickly pull reports and adjust prices on the fly.

Webinar Agenda

  • What you’re missing using Excel
  • How a revenue management system will impact your daily job
  • Integrate technology into your weekly meetings
  • Track crucial data and create the best reports
  • Exploring the ROI of a revenue management system

Look Who’s Talking


Tim Kolman

Senior Solutions Engineer


Tim has spent 20 years in the hotel industry working in many disciplines including Operations, Sales & Marketing and Revenue Management. Tim has extensive experience with extended stay, select service and full service properties and has worked with multiple brands including Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.