How to Select a Hotel Revenue Management System

Hospitality revenue management has gone from being an evolving practice with uncertain financial upside potential to being a strategic imperative with predictable revenue outcomes. Indeed, when properly executed, it can deliver surprisingly large increases in revenue growth and profitability for practically any hotel property, regardless of size or category. Given all that, it’s no wonder that hotels and resorts across the board are coming to embrace the technology solutions that enable next-generation revenue management with unprecedented zeal. Yet, implementation of the right solution is only half the battle, and getting from here to there can be a daunting task for even the largest, most sophisticated hoteliers.

Webinar Agenda

  • What key concepts are important to keep in mind with next-generation revenue management?
  • What buying considerations should influence the purchase decision?
  • How can properties maximize the value of the investment?
  • How can they drive continuous performance improvement?

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Eric Stoessel

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Research Director