The Science Behind Hotel Room Pricing

In today’s challenging distribution environment with rising costs and complexities, there’s little room for error. If you’ve properly segmented your customers and are more accurately forecasting demand, you’re ready to take the next step with more advanced pricing strategies that will boost your bottom line.

This webinar will take you from basic strategies to advanced pricing concepts and arm you with the information you need to begin optimizing your revenue.

Webinar Agenda

  • An overview of the most common room pricing mistakes
  • The evolution of pricing strategies and latest trends
  • Analysis and comparison of the most popular methods (seasonal pricing, best available rate, length of stay, open pricing)
  • Real life examples of how the right pricing strategy can improve hotel revenue

Look Who’s Talking

Nathaniel Green

Nathaniel Green

Senior Solutions Engineer


Nathaniel (or Nat as everyone calls him) manages global hotel and resort solution engineering for Duetto. He graduated in 2013 from Cornell University and holds a Bachelors of Science from The School of Hotel Administration.