The Future of Hotel Loyalty

As distribution gets more complex and expensive, hotels rely on loyalty programs to incentivize their most profitable guests to book direct. But how do brands and owners differentiate their offerings, when the industry’s rewards programs feature the same perks and static discounts? The answer is Personalized Loyalty Pricing, a data-driven solution from Duetto for valuing guests based on their on-property spending and dynamically reinvesting part of that worth in flexible, members-only discounts available on hotels’ direct channels.

Webinar Agenda

  • A differentiated loyalty program, in which your highest-value customers are rewarded with a unique rate based on customer information from your CRM system or data warehouse.
  • Discounts that are yielded dynamically, not a “one-size-fits-all” approach, maintaining your property’s flexibility to always match prices to demand conditions.
  • A lever for driving more direct bookings, which helps hotels manage their acquisition costs for greater profitability and enables greater engagement with loyal customers.

Look Who’s Talking

Marco Benvenuti

Co-Founder and Chief Product & Analytics Officer


Lahini Arunachalam

Director of Product Management