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OTB Points To Positive Start To 2022

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Pulse December NA (dragged)

December 2021 |Pick up in North America showed some real positivity for December but drops for Qs 2 and 3 of 2022. However, on-the-books committed occupancy, transient reservations, and group blocks, remain exceptionally healthy and web traffic shows that consumer interest in travel across the States remains impressively high with a 97% increase for arrival dates throughout 2022, with casino properties leading the way.

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Weekly Net Pick Up by Stay Month

graphs-pulse-report-2021-dec_NA-Weekly Net Pickup by Stay Month

This graph shows the volume of net room night pick up (new bookings minus cancelations) broken down by stay month made during the most recent calendar month (November 2021). The percentage indicates the variance in comparison to the prior month (October 2021).

The US lags behind the rest of the world’s regions in new bookings. Despite solid pace in December, booking activity wanes in the second and third quarter next year. Casino and extended stay velocity of bookings rose while outdoor recreation and ski resorts subsided.

In the near-term horizon, cancellations for stay dates in December jumped by 25% and increased to 50% in January.


On The Books vs. STLY by Stay Month


This graph shows the evolution of reserved status room night volume for future stay dates broken down by stay month over the last three months.The percentage indicates the variance compared to same time last year for the most recent month’s data.

On-the-books committed occupancy, transient reservations, and group blocks, remain exceptionally healthy with triple-digit gains reported for stay dates in each of the next three months. For the full year 2022, ski lodging and resort room revenue OTB leads all other accommodation types.

Volume of Web Traffic by Stay Month


This graph shows volume of web traffic data (bookings, regrets and denials on brand.com) for future stay dates, broken down by stay month.The percentage indicates the variance in comparison to the last Pulse Report.

Consumer interest in traveling across NA remains exceptionally high as evidenced by global leading activity on brand.com websites, including a triple-digit jump for January stay dates and up 97% for arrival dates throughout 2022. Online shopping for Casino rooms for stay dates in 2022 led all other accommodation types.

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