New Product Updates and Enhancements

Since Duetto is built in a true multi-tenant cloud environment, we release new product updates and enhancements continuously. Our game-changing enhancements — major new products and features — come quarterly. While the new features will only affect Duetto users, our Product team enjoys giving peeks behind the curtain to anyone who might be interested.

In our Spring Release, we announced new tools for additional pricing visibility, new enterprise rate guidelines, enhanced sales and catering integrations and new casino reporting features.


Replay: Duetto's Spring Release '19 — a peek at new product features

What’s New?


Do You Trust Your RMS?

Duetto adds more pricing visibility so revenue teams can better understand key pricing drivers and rate recommendations. Watch now..

Smart Integrations Help Aggregate Group Data

Stephen Chisa, product manager at Duetto, discusses new integrations that allow your group data to be imported into Duetto's BlockBuster application. Watch now.

Duetto Launches Enterprise Rate Guidelines

Corporate hotel and casino teams can now set guidelines to have better control over individual property revenue strategies. Watch now..

Understand Competitor Rates When Quoting Groups

Stephen Chisa, product manager for Duetto's BlockBuster application, discusses new features available for hotel and casino revenue managers. Watch now.

Casinos: Avoid Over-Comping With Better Player Worth Reporting

Ensure your cash revenue is growing over time with additional visibility into the average worth of your guests, broken down by loyalty segment. Watch now.

Past Feature Releases

Demo: New Group Forecast

Duetto releases weekly product updates and enhancements, including this feature to help sales teams better understand their group business pipeline. Watch now..

Casino Players Can Now Redeem Loyalty Offers Online

Through simple booking engine integrations, Duetto has become the first third-party software tool to allow casinos to offer online loyalty redemption. Read now.

Demo: Automated Room-Type Pricing Recommendations

Duetto releases weekly product updates and enhancements, including this feature to help revenue managers better independently yield their room types. Watch now.