New Year, New Product Features Now Available

Since Duetto is built in a true multi-tenant cloud environment, we release new product updates and enhancements continuously. Our game-changing enhancements — major new products and features — come quarterly. While the new features will only affect Duetto users, our Product team enjoys giving peeks behind the curtain to anyone who might be interested.

In our Winter Release, there are new tools to analyze your business metrics, provide more visibility into future demand and help drive ADR.


Replay: Duetto's Winter Release '19 — a peek at new product features

A Closer Look at What’s New


Demo: New Group Forecast

Duetto releases weekly product updates and enhancements, including this feature to help sales teams better understand their group business pipeline. Watch now.

Demo: Automated Room-Type Pricing Recommendations

Duetto releases weekly product updates and enhancements, including this feature to help revenue managers better independently yield their room types. Watch now.

Unlock More Profit With Every Group

Arm your revenue team with a detailed profit displacement analysis on transient rooms and ancillary spend. Read now.

Casino Players Can Now Redeem Loyalty Offers Online

Through simple booking engine integrations, Duetto has become the first third-party software tool to allow casinos to offer online loyalty redemption. Read now.

Increase ADR and Drive Revenue by Optimizing Room Type Differentials

In the upcoming product release, Duetto will begin automatically recommending dynamic room-type price differentials, saving hoteliers time and driving ADR. Read now.

Further Visibility for All-Inclusive Revenue Management

Built mainly for the all-inclusive market, Duetto will begin offering pricing and forecasting visibility up to five years into the future. Read now.