Why Shared Data Results in Better Teamwork

In most hotel companies today, “reporting” means little more than taking reports from source systems, exporting them into Excel and having teams of people analyze the spreadsheets to get a clearer picture of an individual property. To look at an...

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Many Room Types, Many Rates: Inside Cori Oles’ Revenue Mission at IMH Financial

Cori Oles, VP of Revenue Management for IMH Financial Corporation, has an extremely unique challenge in her role at the company. In addition to corporate responsibilities, she is tasked with overseeing just one property—the 64-room historic...

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Dirty Data: How Can You Avoid It?

Dirty data is simply an indirect way of describing data that's inaccurate or incomplete in some way. Since data is nothing more than the facts, if hoteliers are not receiving accurate information, their data is misleading them, or termed “dirty.”

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HDC Recap: What Does the Data Say?

Now 11 years in, STR’s Hotel Data Conference has become one of the most well-respected annual industry events because of its ability to deliver fresh, data-driven content in a fantastic destination with the right audience size and makeup.

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