Cross-Department Collaboration is Key to Optimizing Group Business

Getting the right group business in your hotel at the right time for the right rate requires a holistic approach from your entire hotel operations team. In the current environment, inefficiencies in formulating group rates and quoting them to...

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London Supply Boom: How to Maintain Your Market Position

With more than 11,000 new hotel rooms set to open by 2020, London’s hotel growth is predicted to outpace many destinations in Europe. The UK’s capital set a new record for overnight visitors in 2017, so arguably the city can take the extra...

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Innovator’s Spotlight: How Grupo Posadas Navigated Mexico’s Challenging Travel Environment

by Mark Brandau, Director of Content | October 26, 2018

While Mexico continues to climb the ranks of the most visited countries in the world, tourism challenges are on the rise at a global level, driving hoteliers to navigate through all sorts of situations over the past year.

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Data Dive: A Closer Look at ADR Suppression

Seven trending gaming industry stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy. 

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