Group Business Optimization Starts with Collaboration

A breakout session at DuettoX 2018 discussing current and future capabilities of the BlockBuster application dealt with more than just optimizing group business. Attendees and Duetto strategists agreed that hotels and casinos should fundamentally...

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Independents Need to Leverage Their Revenue Advantages Over Branded Hotels

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor | December 21, 2017

As recently as 10 years ago, it would nearly be foolish for a developer to build a hotel without a well-established brand name. Hotel guests were among the most brand-conscious consumers in the economy, so the daily battles for business typically...

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How to Optimize Your Hotel’s Presence on Google

Terri Scriven is the Head of Hospitality for Google UK, which means working with hotels and accommodation providers in Europe and beyond to help them to optimise their digital distribution and online marketing strategies.

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