Using Ancillary Revenue To Boost Bottom Line Profit

As more hotels consider total revenue management, ancillary revenue is proving to be a vital component in property profit.

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How To Run A Successful Revenue Meeting

How do you make a revenue meeting truly valuable? Who should be at the table? What metrics should you be discussing? And what objectives, KPIs and targets should you be working towards?

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Ibiza: Where Superstar DJs Boost Rooms Revenue

As early as the 1930s, Ibiza, the third largest island in the Balearics, has had a pull with local and international travellers. First came the avant-garde European artists, followed by travellers looking for rest, relaxation and beautiful...

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Paris Revenue Lab: Hoteliers React To Distribution Challenges

by Benedicte Ollagnon | December 17, 2019

Our recent Paris Revenue Lab event provided a platform for hoteliers in the French capital to come together to discuss the many challenges they face in terms of distribution, technology adoption and overall change management. Experts from the...

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