Revenue strategy has to be a property-wide mission

Who on property is responsible for the revenue management of a hotel? Traditionally, revenue management has been dedicated to an individual tucked away in a dimly lit back office digging into spreadsheets for hours on end. Those days are done....

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More confusion than clarification over rate parity provisions

Here’s hoping legislators in Europe and eventually across the globe who are offering judgment on hotel distribution and pricing strategies understand the complicated landscape enough to make critical decisions on rate parity.

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Revenue Management Glossary: From ADR to yield, and everything in between

We often talk about a more comprehensive revenue strategy, but before you can get there, you need to understand effective revenue management, which encompasses segmenting, forecasting and pricing. Here is a glossary of terms to get you started,...

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Good revenue strategy goes beyond competitive pricing

During a panel discussion at a recent conference, I heard the corporate revenue manager for a hotel company lament that even with a revenue management system, the biggest challenge for any hotel is dealing with a foolish revenue manager in the...

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