COVID-19 – What The Industry Is Saying

Trying to monitor the COVID-19 situation but feeling lost in the deluge of media coverage? Here are eight stories worth reading when considering your Revenue response to the current crisis.

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COVID-19: When External Events Impact Revenue Management

External events can and do have a major impact on hotel operations and while sometimes it can be hard to predict what might come next, there are some strategies hoteliers can employ to ensure business continues as well as possible.

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Why Being Different Drives Profit

Direct bookings. We talk about it every day. OTA commissions stick out like a sore thumb on our P&Ls. Our direct booking shares are in decline but the cost to maintain that share is rising. Hotel owners and managers alike are heavily investing in...

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5 Revenue Success Stories To Inspire

No two hotels operate exactly the same. And that is because no two hotel guests are the same. As such, no two hotel revenue strategies can ever be the same either. Change and adaptability are key requisites to a successful revenue strategy and...

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