HDC Recap: What Does the Data Say?

Now 11 years in, STR’s Hotel Data Conference has become one of the most well-respected annual industry events because of its ability to deliver fresh, data-driven content in a fantastic destination with the right audience size and makeup.

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Understanding the Differences between Data and Analytics

The terms “data” and “analytics” can often be confused or misunderstood, so we asked Duetto CEO and Co-Founder Patrick Bosworth to explain.

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More With Less: Riversage Gets ‘Smart’ With Revenue Management

For Lucy Clark Simenc, director of development for Riversage Inns, successfully operating Riversage’s four independent hotels in Montana and Washington means wearing more than a few hats. Her time is precious, her needs are many and her budget is...

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The Value of Turning Data into Actionable Insights

While analytics have become a critical driver of success for companies across many industries, the hospitality industry has lagged in its ability to use data to make a measurable impact on business strategy or guest experience.

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