Making Intelligent Reporting Accessible for Hotels

Hoteliers and industry experts came together at the recent DuettoX user conference to discuss the challenges faced by hotels and casinos when it came to gathering and reporting on data, and how business intelligence (BI) tools can help.

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CBRE: Commissions vs. Revenue Trends Are ‘Alarming’

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor | April 13, 2018

The hotel industry, both in North America and worldwide, has been riding a long winning streak, with increasing occupancies, revenues and profits. And while the performance has been good for bottom lines, one area of concern has been alarming...

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How Your Own Data Resets the Hotel-OTA Relationship on Better Terms

by Mark Brandau, Director of Content | March 13, 2018

If hotel distribution is the love-hate relationship that hoteliers described in a recent HEDNA survey, it’s time for friends and partners of the hotel industry to stage an intervention and break properties out of this codependent setup.

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Hotel Ecommerce Could Get a Boost from Data and Analytics

Let’s face it: Hotel ecommerce has a long way to go, and booking a room is not the most pleasant experience.

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