Years in the Making, Revenue Strategy’s Moment Has Come

Years before we started Duetto, Marco Benvenuti and I recognized that revenue management needed to transform if hotels and casinos wanted to keep up with the pace of change in hospitality. What we pictured as hotel Revenue Strategy has taken a...

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New Casino Loyalty Feature Will Help you Book More Loyal Guests

The Find My Rate app gives you instant access to your guests’ loyalty rates anywhere, anytime.

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5 Trends Shaping Your Casino Revenue Strategy

The expansion of casinos across the United States continues to have a major impact on the gaming landscape. Simultaneously, younger casino-goers are ditching traditional games and looking for new, more social types of entertainment.

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More Competition Coming to the Las Vegas Strip

The key for building a lasting business in the gaming industry — particularly with so many high-profile projects coming to the Las Vegas Strip — is the ability to adapt. Change is inevitable, but not everyone has the instinct to embrace it.

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