What Casinos Can Learn from Hotel Revenue Management

It’s astonishing to see how far the hotel revenue management discipline has come over the past decade.

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Hotel Occupancy and Demand are Soaring. Why Can’t You Drive ADR?

Despite industrywide record demand and occupancy levels, historical data shows that hoteliers — specifically general managers and revenue teams — are struggling to drive rate at paces they’ve seen during past peaks.

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Change Management: 5 Steps to Rolling Out a New Casino Pricing Strategy

Did your new total-resort Revenue Strategy lead you on a hunt for a revenue management system? Or did rolling out new technology spur thinking around a more innovative pricing strategy?

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Innovator’s Spotlight: Casino Marketing Best Practices from Affinity Gaming

by Mark Brandau, Director of Content | February 27, 2018

Casino marketing isn’t getting any easier, but the return on investment seems to be improving for gaming companies willing to invest in new strategies and technology, according to Vincent Lentini, CMO of Affinity Gaming.

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