How to optimize total casino resort profitability

The casino industry is evolving at a breakneck pace. Not long ago, Las Vegas and Atlantic City were the only major players—with a few riverboats scattered in between. International gaming destinations were scarce. Today, gaming is available...

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Revenue Management Glossary: From ADR to yield, and everything in between

We often talk about a more comprehensive revenue strategy, but before you can get there, you need to understand effective revenue management, which encompasses segmenting, forecasting and pricing. Here is a glossary of terms to get you started,...

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A Real GameChanger for El Cortez

Look, I know we’ve got to do the marketing and promotion work that everyone else does. No matter how good any product is you’ve got to sell it. I understand that, but I also know I never believed that stuff when I was on the other side of the...

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From Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy

It’s taken a long time to get revenue management into the lexicon of the hotel industry, but now that we’re finally there, let’s talk about redefining it. Revenue management—yield management, price optimization or however it’s described from...

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