Elevating Casino Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy

Advancements in technology and Revenue Strategy mean casinos can leave much less to chance when maximizing their profitability. It’s easier today to collect and analyze demand data and to value customers holistically based on what they spend —...

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Is this the Beginning of the End for Resort Fees?

These seven trending gaming industry stories will impact your casino revenue strategy.

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Mark Birtha: Casino Revenue Management is an Art

Mark Birtha is a seasoned casino operations veteran with more than 25 years of experience, having overseen operations and development at leading casino and hotel companies across the U.S., including Hard Rock International, Mirage Resorts, Las...

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Are You Using Your Casino RMS?

As the discussion grows around the importance of casino revenue management, it’s likely your organization has taken the first step and purchased or built a system for better demand visibility and pricing recommendations. 

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