10 expert tips to improve your revenue strategy

As revenue strategy continues to evolve and become more dynamic, weaving its way into all parts of a hotel’s operations, revenue managers must continue to adapt and improve to keep their hotels on top of their game.

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6 secrets to calculating a better comp set

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor | July 07, 2015

A competitive set might be the most important tool hotel operators have at their disposal. It’s used to set rate strategies, develop marketing programs, even to decide what facilities and amenities to offer. It’s a key informant GMs and...

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Yielding room types and the power of open pricing

I still get plenty of questions about exactly what open pricing is and how it works. And more pointedly, how the hell is it even possible. Earlier this month I spent hours in panels and at parties at HITEC and ROC answering those questions.

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The 5 Traits of a Successful Revenue Manager

Revenue strategy is probably the newest profession in the hotel industry and one more important than ever. At the dawn of the discipline, the GM or director of marketing at a hotel would pluck a member of the staff who was good with numbers,...

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