Why Dying is an Apt Metaphor for Disruption

It’s very simple, so simple that it scares people. In the end, you leave behind a story, that’s it. If you are really effective at telling that story, others will believe in you and something that you do in your current life will live on without...

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From Dumb Pipes to Smart Stays

Value for hotels – increased revenue, highly targeted hotel stays, improved customer retention to ensure high occupancy rates – would be easy to deliver if hoteliers would include a customer login on their booking engine that would allow them to...

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Big Data is Smarter than Economic Uncertainty

If you run revenue management for a hotel chain, it’s very likely you have run into the pressure to innovate. That pressure to innovate takes on the sheen of anxiety and necessity when global economies experience the reckoning they have...

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The Four Catalysts for the Hotel Revenue Management Transformation

The industry is changing in innumerable ways but there are four basic themes that are relevant to us at the moment. These four basic themes are pillars in the construction, architecture and business plan for Duetto Edge.

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