Revenue Management Isn’t Anti-Consumer

In my last post, I explained why hotel revenue management isn’t a zero sum game. The additional revenue gained by using a sophisticated revenue management system like Duetto Edge does not have to come as a result of other hotels in the market...

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Hotel Revenue Management Isn’t a Zero Sum Game

A recent story in Tnooz made me think about a question I frequently get while talking to clients and customers about Duetto Edge: “What if my competitor is also using Duetto Edge, or if everyone is using a sophisticated revenue management tool...

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Time to Lower the BAR for Good

The primary reason so many hotels and chains continue to revenue manage using a fixed-tier best-available-rate (BAR) pricing approach is its simplicity. It’s easy for hotels to implement and then manage. But that simplicity is also the exact...

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Revenue Management Should Matter to Real Estate Investors

From a real estate perspective, the Americas Lodging Investment Summit is the hotel event of the year. It closes the book on 2012 and will set the tone for the hotel industry this year. But it’s an investment conference, so why are both Marco and

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