Where are the BigData Solution Providers?

by Craig Weissman, CTO and Co-Founder | November 26, 2012

Once Mobile and Cloud computing took hold in the technology ecosystem, young and old entrepreneurs stormed the market with years of some of the most amazing innovations. The former is visible in all our lives and hands with smartphones like...

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Imagining the hotel as a collaborative space and the historical location for decisions

Here’s something for the history buffs.

Los Angeles’s first hotel had an office on its grounds that housed one of the city’s first newspaper.

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Why Dying is an Apt Metaphor for Disruption

It’s very simple, so simple that it scares people. In the end, you leave behind a story, that’s it. If you are really effective at telling that story, others will believe in you and something that you do in your current life will live on without...

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From Dumb Pipes to Smart Stays

Value for hotels – increased revenue, highly targeted hotel stays, improved customer retention to ensure high occupancy rates – would be easy to deliver if hoteliers would include a customer login on their booking engine that would allow them to...

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