Big Data Accuracy

by Craig Weissman, CTO and Co-Founder | January 07, 2013

Analytic applications are difficult and most fall short of their goals. Data must be respected not as a commodity but as a valuable and unique asset flowing through a processing pipeline. Even with a focused mission like Duetto's we have numerous...

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Why Mongo for Duetto Edge?

by Craig Weissman, CTO and Co-Founder | December 10, 2012

At Duetto, we are building a modern cloud application tailored to the needs of the travel industry and lodging companies in particular. Although every lodging company above a certain size uses a software system as its cash register (so called...

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Management by Exception -- A Look at a Complete Data Operations Tool

The other day, Patrick Landman posted a great blog post that you should read about how necessary it is for hotel revenue managers to monitor as much data as they can in order to make the right forecast decisions to maximize revenue.

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Context is the New Context in Hotel Management

This rather lengthy opinion column points out that hotel guests are not looking for ambiance. They are looking for context.

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