The First Step to 1:1 Marketing

If you’ve been to a hotel conference—whether it is of the brand, investment, operations, marketing or technology variety—you’ve probably heard the refrain: Hoteliers want more control of distribution, lower costs and the ability to provide a more...

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Pardon the Interruption

by Neelav Rana, Engineer | June 19, 2013

At a previous employer there was a story about a cat who brought down the application. The cat decided to take a little catnap directly on the f5 key of a user’s keyboard. Business intelligence and analytics applications can have long running...

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Duetto Offers Insight for Smaller Hotels

If you manage a small or economy hotel, this post is for you. I know the daily challenges of life at an economy hotel. It’s where I got my start in this industry as a teenager.

Like any hotel, small, limited-service and economy properties make a...

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On the Edge with Brian McClary

On the Edge is a new feature intended to provide insight into today’s marketplace. We’ll occasionally interview revenue managers, hoteliers and technologists about what’s going on in their world. We’ll start easy, with friend Brian McClary, the...

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