Uh-oh, business travelers are looking to Airbnb, and the latest in revenue strategy news

Common wisdom holds that sharing economy services such as Airbnb, Uber and others are useful for leisure travel but not so much for business. According to a new data and anecdotal evidence mentioned in this story, that trend may be shifting.

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Good revenue strategy goes beyond competitive pricing

During a panel discussion at a recent conference, I heard the corporate revenue manager for a hotel company lament that even with a revenue management system, the biggest challenge for any hotel is dealing with a foolish revenue manager in the...

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Give Consumers a Reason to Book Direct and They Will, and the Latest Revenue Strategy News

Consumers shop somewhere between 13 and 22 websites before booking a hotel room. Further evidence that today’s consumers love choice, right? Patrick Bosworth comes to a different conclusion in a two-part series he wrote for Tnooz last week.

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Keeping Watch on Apple, and the Latest in Revenue Strategy News

You may have heard, Apple announced its much-anticipated Apple Watch earlier this week. But it also made news in the hotel industry as various brand companies announced deals and apps that worked with the new wearable technology.

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