Get Real About Your Forecast Error

Too many people in the hotel industry who purport to be revenue management experts don’t understand what forecasting error is or how to accurately calculate it. Or if they do, they’re ignoring it. That’s the only conclusion I can come to when I...

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On the Edge with Cindy Estis Green

Cindy Estis Green has been on the cutting edge of hotel distribution since before it was even called that. Almost two years ago, the CEO of Kalibri Labs co-authored the groundbreaking book Distribution Channel Analysis: A Guide for Hotels with...

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Real Estate Due Diligence Should Include Revenue Management Insight

At the beginning of the year, just before ALIS, I wrote that revenue management should matter to real estate investors.

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Don’t mistake inventory management for revenue management

Maybe this is something we should have written long ago. Revenue management is not inventory management. And inventory management is definitely not revenue management. The two are completely different. One is wrong and a huge mistake many in the...

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