Duetto wins gaming industry accolades, announces promotions and additions to global casino accounts

by Newswire | May 26, 2015

San Francisco, May 26, 2015 -- Duetto, the market leader in hotel profit optimization technology, announced that its GameChanger revenue strategy solution won a Top 20 Most Innovative Technology award from Casino Journal magazine, and a ...

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Unlock the secrets to demand forecasting, and the latest revenue strategy news

Predicting the future isn’t easy, but it’s critical to effective pricing and ultimately a successful hotel or casino. The clearer the picture you have of upcoming demand, the better you can prepare in many phases of operation, from staffing to...

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The 5 Traits of a Successful Revenue Manager

Revenue strategy is probably the newest profession in the hotel industry and one more important than ever. At the dawn of the discipline, the GM or director of marketing at a hotel would pluck a member of the staff who was good with numbers,...

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Don't miss the Revenue Strategy Summit, and the latest roundup of news

If you enjoy keeping up with the revenue strategy news here, you may want to consider visiting Washington DC on July 29 for the third Revenue Strategy Summit. The location moves from New York to the nation’s capital this year, but the focus of...

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