Revenue Strategy the Focus of New Conference

I know what you’re thinking. Just what the hotel industry needs, another conference.

But think about it. There are plenty of reasons, and need, for the Revenue Strategy Summit (RSS) we’re helping launch in New York on November 12th, 2013.

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Great Revenue Management Isn’t a 9-5 Job

I’ve seen too many properties where the revenue manager only monitors the property during regular business hours five days a week. Once 5 p.m. hits, they clock out and either hand over the keys to the untrained and overworked front desk staff, or...

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On the Edge with Mark Lomanno

Although Mark Lomanno stepped down as president of STR almost two years ago, he didn’t leave the lodging world. He’s still got his fingers on the pulse of the hotel industry, and was in his usual spot at the NYU hotel investment conference a few...

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The First Step to 1:1 Marketing

If you’ve been to a hotel conference—whether it is of the brand, investment, operations, marketing or technology variety—you’ve probably heard the refrain: Hoteliers want more control of distribution, lower costs and the ability to provide a more...

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