One-Click Deploy at Duetto

by Neelav Rana, Engineer | April 03, 2013

Build the latest code, take down a server, perform an upgrade, run a few sanity tests, rinse and repeat. Until recently, this was the typical deploy process here at Duetto. Duetto had only a handful of servers at the time, with each server taking...

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Edge Can Bridge Gap Between Revenue Management and Marketing

Robert Cross called it a “Marketing Renaissance” 16 years ago when he published his groundbreaking book, Revenue Management: Hard-Core Tactics for Market Domination. It was the title to the last chapter in the book, and described how both revenue...

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A year in, and Duetto keeps evolving

A year ago this week, our co-founder Craig Weissman and Senior Developer Neelav Rana wrote Duetto Research’s first lines of code. It’s not our official anniversary, since Feb. 24 was the day we filed the paperwork to incorporate Duetto Research,...

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Seismic Shift: Brands Are Looking for Tech Partners, Not Vendors

Many hotel brand companies have long been stuck between a rock and a hard place. They’ve invested so much time and money in what have become legacy technology systems, it’s almost impossible to scrap them and turn to more nimble, sophisticated...

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