A Real GameChanger for El Cortez

Look, I know we’ve got to do the marketing and promotion work that everyone else does. No matter how good any product is you’ve got to sell it. I understand that, but I also know I never believed that stuff when I was on the other side of the...

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The cloud, SaaS, and why the hotel industry is stuck in the past

by Craig Weissman, CTO and Co-Founder | October 28, 2014

I heard an eye-opening statistic at the CIO Summit recently. A speaker said only one of the top 15 mobile travel apps was from a hotel company and the rest were from OTAs. That is not surprising in any way, but it should be alarming to hotel...

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Localization is Hard, Here's How We do it Right

by David | July 14, 2014

It is debatable what the hardest thing to get right for an enterprise application is, but localization is definitely up there. It not only means translating your app into different languages, but more importantly it also means correct date...

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Experimenting With Price Elasticity and the Fallacy of the $0 Bid Price

Other revenue management systems tout features showing customers how much more revenue a hotel made using their system over what it would have made without. We just wrapped up board meetings in New York and were asked why we weren’t offering...

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