Duetto Edge Alerts Can Stop Costly Pricing Mistakes

As revenue managers, we’ve all been there. Someone inputs the wrong price, forgets to switch a third-party channel back on after a big block of group business cancels or we’re slow to react to a significant change in demand. As much as revenue...

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Revenue Management Isn’t Anti-Consumer

In my last post, I explained why hotel revenue management isn’t a zero sum game. The additional revenue gained by using a sophisticated revenue management system like Duetto Edge does not have to come as a result of other hotels in the market...

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Hotel Revenue Management Isn’t a Zero Sum Game

A recent story in Tnooz made me think about a question I frequently get while talking to clients and customers about Duetto Edge: “What if my competitor is also using Duetto Edge, or if everyone is using a sophisticated revenue management tool...

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Time to Lower the BAR for Good

The primary reason so many hotels and chains continue to revenue manage using a fixed-tier best-available-rate (BAR) pricing approach is its simplicity. It’s easy for hotels to implement and then manage. But that simplicity is also the exact...

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