Content by Joanna DeChellis, Digital Marketing Manager

Joanna DeChellis, Digital Marketing Manager

Joanna DeChellis, Digital Marketing Manager

Joanna joined Duetto in May 2015 as a Digital Marketing Manager with more than a decade of writing, editing and graphic design experience for both print and online trade publications. She is passionate about digital media and driving engagement.

Drive Profits by Mastering Hotel Segmentation

One size never fits all when it comes to hotel room rates. But nailing down who gets what price and why can be intensive and complicated without the right tools and tactics. Thankfully, a well-designed (and frequently updated) hotel segmentation...

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4 Steps to Evolve to a Next-Generation Hotel Loyalty Strategy

There are two types of hotel customers: those who are fiercely brand-loyal and those who aren’t. But as hotel loyalty programs evolve (or don’t evolve in many cases), customers on both sides are finding that sticking with any one hotel brand...

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GMs Can Significantly Impact Operations with a Revenue Management System

Since GMs oversee all hotel operations—everything from rooms to Food & Beverage to spa and golf amenities—they’re in a unique position to maximize demand and optimize revenue. But as the field of revenue management has evolved and become more...

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Choose the RMS that Meets Your Big Data Needs

Hotel revenue management has changed drastically in the past decade. With the right tools, technology and people, it can deliver large increases in revenue growth and profitability for practically any hotel property, regardless of size or...

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