Content by Eric Stoessel, Vice President of Marketing

Eric Stoessel, Vice President of Marketing

Eric Stoessel, Vice President of Marketing

Eric leads Duetto's marketing strategy and execution and has been with the company since January 2013. He started as a writer and became senior director of content, where he created and managed the company's extensive library of thought leadership and educational content. Before joining Duetto, Stoessel spent eight years covering the hospitality industry as an editor at Lodging Hospitality, Restaurant Hospitality and Food Management.

Room Type Pricing in the Real World

We talk a lot about Open Pricing and more specifically the value of yielding room types dynamically. We’ve written whitepapers, produced videos and created plenty of slides that illustrate these concepts, but last week I saw firsthand why this is...

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Vornado: Flexibility allows independent hotels to compete

When you own residential and commercial real estate as well as hotels, it gives you a bit of a different perspective on things. That’s certainly what the guys at Vornado Realty Trust bring, and their strategy behind the 1,700-room Hotel...

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Confessions from a guilt-ridden OTA booker

I have a confession to make. I booked a hotel room at a couple weeks back. I’m not proud.

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Loyalty Pricing Can Work for More Than Just Marriott, Hilton

It’s been hard to miss all the headlines over the past month about hotel companies’ new loyalty strategies centering on providing members better prices. First was Hilton’s “Stop Clicking Around” marketing campaign that included the promise that...

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