Score one for the brands: Room Key gets loyalty rates

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor | June 13, 2016

Five trending hotel news stories and Duetto’s Take on how they will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

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Potential downturn could test younger revenue strategists

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor | June 10, 2016

For old timers in the hotel business, the last downturn in industry performance was a doozy, but not completely different from others in the past. However, today there are a lot of young professionals in the industry—and many of them in revenue...

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Casinos, Hotels Finally Ready for True Loyalty Pricing

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, in the midst of some shopping in downtown Las Vegas, I decided to pop my head into the El Cortez.

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Hotels, Tech Leaders Tackle Distribution at NYU

It took a diverse panel — one online travel agency, two mega hotel brands and three hotel technology firms — to unpack the complexity of “Getting the Best ROI in Distribution” at the 38th annual NYU International Hospitality Investment Conference.

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