Why Casinos Need Big Data to Make Better Reinvestment Decisions

Big Data can have a big impact on a casino’s ability to differentiate compensation rates and casino reinvestment strategies before rewarding guests. In fact, Big Data can help a property maximize revenue and profits, while building loyalty on and...

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Adding Fuel to the Direct-Booking Fire

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor | August 08, 2016

Five trending hotel news stories and Duetto’s Take on how they will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

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Building a Better RMS: How Coding in Java Makes Duetto More Efficient

by Craig Weissman, CTO and Co-Founder | August 05, 2016

The heart of Duetto’s application is our server logic authored in Java. In this post we’ll describe some of the philosophies, tools, techniques and patterns that have proven effective in delivering high-quality innovation.

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The Machines are Coming — but Hotel Service Demands Human Touch

by Mark Brandau, Director of Content | August 04, 2016

New technologies within the hotel industry and outside it seem to debut every day, and for brands and owners, it’s a mixed bag. For every profit-driving revenue management system, there might be some sharing economy site that threatens to steal...

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